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Healthy Active Children Policy - State Board of Education Policy

Health and Safety Related to Concussions
The TBI – Return to Learn Policy has been created to assist LEAs and Charters in the development of a plan that address the needs of student's preschool through twelfth grade suffering concussions. The plan must include:

  1. guidelines for removal of a student from physical and mental activity when there is suspicion of concussion;
  2. a notification procedure to education staff regarding removal from learn or play;
  3. expectations regarding annual medical care update from parents, medical care plan/school accommodations in the event of concussion; and
  4. delineation of requirements for safe return-to-learn or play following concussion.

The Gfellar-Waller Concussion Act is a law that was passed by the NC Legislature in 2011. It governs procedures and permission forms regarding the development of an athletic safety program. The program should include concussion education and information as well as forms for students, parents and related school professionals dealing with students suspected of having or having sustained a concussion. Please go to for all the details and required forms. You may also access related information at site.


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