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The elementary lessons for grades K-5 are teacher-friendly, meaningful, and integrated with the tested subjects. Each lesson meets an objective in Healthful Living and Math or Language Arts. The steps consist of a focus step, teacher input, and an assessment activity. Elementary teachers and Elementary Consultants at DPI were involved in determining the format of these lessons. Once the lessons were complete, specific grade-level elementary teachers were asked to review and offer feedback.

There are masters of transparencies and handouts and references to reliable health education resources.

Objective 1.01
Identify healthy methods of self-control.
(pdf, 84kb)

Objective 1.02
Define stress and demonstrate positive stress management strategies.
(pdf, 75kb)

Objective 2.01
Analyze what it means to be healthy.
(pdf, 677kb)

Objective 2.02
Demonstrate proper dental flossing technique and describe the benefits of flossing.
(pdf, 96kb)

Objective 2.04
Conclude that most injuries are preventable and identify methods for preventing common injuries.
(pdf, 411kb)

Objective 2.06
Recognize and demonstrate proper usage of various methods of sun protection.
(pdf, 1.4mb)

Objective 2.07
Summarize the dangers of weapons and demonstrate how to seek help if a weapon or firearm is found.
(pdf, 137kb)

Objective 2.08
Create a plan to escape fire at home while avoiding smoke inhalation.
(pdf, 127kb)

Objective 3.02
Compare and contrast behaviors that promote and hinder friendships.
(pdf, 81kb)

Objective 3.03 and 3.05
3.03 Demonstrate how to effectively and respectfully express opinions that differ from others.
3.05 Create and follow rules for productive discussion.
(pdf, 85kb)

Objective 3.04
Demonstrate compassion for all living things and respect for other people’s property.
(pdf, 137kb)

Objective 5.01
Summarize why household products are harmful if ingested or inhaled.
(pdf, 106kb)

Objective 5.03
Predict and summarize the dangers of experimenting with tobacco.
(pdf, 150kb)

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