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The elementary lessons for grades K-5 are teacher-friendly, meaningful, and integrated with the tested subjects. Each lesson meets an objective in Healthful Living and Math or Language Arts. The steps consist of a focus step, teacher input, and an assessment activity. Elementary teachers and Elementary Consultants at DPI were involved in determining the format of these lessons. Once the lessons were complete, specific grade-level elementary teachers were asked to review and offer feedback.

There are masters of transparencies and handouts and references to reliable health education resources.

Objective 1.02
Predict physical and emotional reactions to stressful situations.
(pdf, 195kb)

Objective 1.04
Identify family, school, and community resources as sources of social support to reduce or prevent stress.
(pdf, 123kb)

Objective 1.05
Conclude that people have different body shapes, sizes and other personal characteristics that make them unique.
(pdf, 79kb)

Objective 2.01
Identify problems associated with and measures to control common childhood diseases or conditions such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, and epilepsy.
(pdf, 106kb)

Objective 2.03
Summarize methods for preventing the spread of germs that cause communicable diseases.
(pdf, 104kb)

Objective 2.07
Identify personal protection equipment needed for sports and recreational activities.
(pdf, 86kb)

Objective 2.08
Acquire skills for providing first aid for choking victims, including demonstrating the Heimlich maneuver.
(pdf, 98kb)

Objective 2.10
Analyze techniques used in advertising health-related products and services.
(pdf, 125kb)

Objective 3.01
Infer the effects of facial expression and body language when communicating with others.
(pdf, 1.4mb)

Objective 3.02
Demonstrate empathy for individuals affected by disease or disability.
(pdf, 105kb)

Objective 3.03
Predict situations that might lead to violence.
(pdf, 70kb)

Objective 3.04
Demonstrate the ability to seek help or assistance for bullying.
(pdf, 152kb)

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