Paula Hudson Collins, NC Department of Public Instruction
Michael Sanderson, NC Department of Health and Human Services / Division of Public Health


DIVISION MISSION :: The goal of North Carolina Healthy Schools is to create a working infrastructure between education and health to enable schools and communities to create a Coordinated School Health Program. A model school health program includes all eight components:

  • Comprehensive School Health Education
  • School Health Services
  • A Safe Physical Environment
  • School Counseling, Psychological and Social Servies
  • Physical Education
  • Nutrition Services
  • School-Site Health Promotion for Staff
  • Family and Community Involvement in Schools

NC Healthy Schools focuses on improving the health of students and staff by providing coordination and resources in eight component areas of school health.With all of these components in place and working together, students will be healthier in school, in class, and ready to learn. In healthy schools, children are more alert, more focused on learning, and miss less school. They not only learn better, but also learn lifelong healthy behaviors to prevent the leading causes of death in North Carolina: heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Healthier schools lead to healthier students which lead to healthier communities. It just makes sense.

Request for application to fund sun safety school based projects Flu Questions and Answers: Information for Schools (pdf, 963kb)

New! Energizers
Classroom Based Physical Activities!
The way teachers integrate physical activity with academic concepts.
Check out these short, about 10-minute, activities that classroom teachers can use to provide activity to children.

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