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The elementary lessons for grades K-5 are teacher-friendly, meaningful, and integrated with the tested subjects. Each lesson meets an objective in Healthful Living and Math or Language Arts. The steps consist of a focus step, teacher input, and an assessment activity. Elementary teachers and Elementary Consultants at DPI were involved in determining the format of these lessons. Once the lessons were complete, specific grade-level elementary teachers were asked to review and offer feedback.

There are masters of transparencies and handouts and references to reliable health education resources.

Objective 1.01
Identify specific feelings by name and demonstrate the ability to verbalize feelings in an appropriate manner.
(pdf, 92kb)

Objective 1.02
Demonstrate the ability to accept and act on personal responsibilities.
(pdf, 778kb)

Objective 2.01
Predict situations that should include hand washing and demonstrate correct hand washing technique.
(pdf, 111kb)

Objective 2.02
Demonstrate proper technique for brushing teeth and summarize reasons for not sharing a toothbrush.
(pdf, 284kb)

Objective 2.03
Recognize and describe the meanings of traffic signs and signals.
(pdf, 213kb)

Objective 2.04
Demonstrate the stop and search technique when entering or crossing a street.
(pdf, 155kb)

Objective 2.05
Evaluate the benefits of wearing seat belts and bicycle helmets.
(pdf, 104kb)

Objective 2.06
Demonstrate how to get help in an emergency.
(pdf, 1.2mb)

Objective 2.07
Demonstrate appropriate responses to warning signs, sounds, and labels.
(pdf, 797kb)

Objective 3.01
Demonstrate the ability to share objects and time.
(pdf, 100kb)

Objective 3.02
Conclude and acknowledge that each person is unique and special.
(pdf, 113kb)

Objective 3.03
Demonstrate protective behaviors to use when approached by strangers.
(pdf, 723kb)

Objective 3.04
Recognize and respond appropriately to bullying, teasing and aggressive behaviors.
(pdf, 267kb)

Objective 5.01/5.02
Demonstrate how to recognize and be careful with medicines.Distinguish between medicinal and non-medicinal drug use.
(pdf, 142kb)

Objective 5.03
Identify reliable sources of information regarding medicines and substances.
(pdf, 307kb)